Best Practices

Best Practices


1. Title:Green Policy for Environmental Protection

Goal: Goal of the institution is to create awareness among the student community on Green policy for Environmental protection’ by practicing the following eco-friendly activities. Establishment of Eco club to organize various awareness programmes on environmental protection. Establishment of solar power generating systems ‘and use of energy efficient lights ? Maintenance of clean and green campus’ with special emphasis on growing medicinal plants and formation of green park to promote the concept of Swatch Bharat. Formation and maintenance of water harvesting pits to increase ground water levels. Observation of antiplastic, vehicle free days to promote eco-friendly atmosphere. Context: It is an established fact that most of the dangerous worrying problems that human race is facing are mainly due to global warming, depletion of Ozone layer and various health hazards caused by environmental pollution. These challenges can be addressed by creating awareness and following well designed green policy for environmental protection’ Practice: Ecoclub of the college is organizing guest lecturers, awareness programmes, observation of vehicle free day (last Saturday of every month) and plastic free day once in a month to promote eco friendly atmosphere in and around the campus. Four solar power generating systems are established in the college campus at three places i.e. 1) Rajiv Block (Main Building) with 3 KVA 3 KVA output 2) Sir Arthur cotton building (PG block) with 2 KVA output and 3). Library building with 2 KVA output. Four NSS units, eco club and department of Botany are entrusted to maintain clean and green campus. Two water harvesting pits are being maintained to tap the natural water resources and to maintain proper ground water levels. Evidence of Success Periodical review on the best practice revealing the following facts. Activities organized by the ecoclub are creating awareness among the student community regarding social responsibility of promoting eco friendly environment. The institution plays the responsible role in the optimum utilization of natural resources. Installation of solar power generating systems is reducing the thermal power consumption resulting in reduction in electricity bills. Analysis on activities taken up by NSS, ecoclub and Dept of Botany in maintaining clean and green atmosphere, growing medicinal plants is indicating that institution is successful to some extent in achieving its goal of the best practice. Experience on maintenance of water harvesting pits, observation of antiplastic day and vehicle free day indicates evidence of success of the best practice. Problems encountered and resources required: Even though UGC is providing seed money to purchase and install solar power generating systems, our institution, being reduced to unaided college, is facing shortage of funds for proper maintenance of the solar equipment. Ban on recruitment of staff in sanctioned posts in aided colleges causing shortage of human resources to maintain infrastructure used in the best practice. Notice: Our experience in adopting this best practice suggests that proper planning of human resources and technical support for maintenance of solar power generating system and biogas plant, medicinal plants garden are required to achieve the goals of the best practice.

2. Title: Endowment prizes, cash awards and CHELIMI (Helping Hands) Scheme.

Goal: The institution started the best practice to achieve the following objectives. The endowment and cash awards are initiated to encourage the meritorious students for their academic achievements in various subjects. CHELIMI(Helping hands) scheme, which is a brain child of some of NSS volunteers, is initiated in the college to inculcate the helping habit among students and staff and to help needy people especially in the student community. Context: Proper guidance, counseling, encouragement and helping hand play a key role in the successful organization of an educational institution. Even though guidance and counseling can be made a part and parcel of teaching encouragement and helping hand to the students need special focus and effort. Encouragement to students for their academic achievements and to extend helping hand to the needy students involve financial commitment. Financial resources to address this problem can be achieved by mobilizing necessary funds from philanthropists.

Practice: Endowment prizes and cash awards scheme is initiated during the academic year 2006-07 with seed money collected from the donors. Donations collected in multiples of Rs.10,000/ from some of the management members, staff members working and retired in the institution, alumni members and Philanthropists are deposited in a bank and the interest accrued on these deposits is awarded to the students as awarded as per the guidelines suggested by the donors. Donations for cash awards are collected in multiple of a thousand and the collected money is being awarded to the students who achieved academic excellence. The amount deposited in the bank under this scheme is Rs.3,75,000/ and cash awards are distributed to the meritorious students every year. For CHELIMI (helping hands) scheme student volunteers collect Rs.2/ every week from the students and staff who wish to contribute for the promotion of the scheme. The collected amount is being deposited in the bank account. Part of this amount will be donated to the needy students to overcome their financial barriers in pursuance of their studies.

Evidences of Success: The CHELIMI (helping hands) scheme which was started during the academic year 2013-14 could able to help the students. Identification of philanthropists from alumni, prominent persons, management members and motivating them to respond to the cause requires proper planning and continuous pursuance. Importance of the scheme should be propagated properly by the committed organizers of the scheme to see this best practice comes true. Notice: Experiences encountered in the execution of the scheme in our institution suggest that a team with commitment, proper planning and its execution will help to run the scheme in a successful way.