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Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff



Regular Teaching Staff   
S.No  Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Department  Image / Profile
1 Dr.S.Prabhakar Principal MA, Ph.D.,SLET English


2 Dr.G.Venkata Rao SG Social Work MA, M.Phil.,Ph.D.,SLET Social Work


3 N.Raju SG English MA,BL English


4 L.Ramesh Phy.Education MA, M.P.Ed. Physical Education



Adhoc Teaching Staff   
S.No  Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Department  Profile
1 Ch.Satyanarayana Lecturer M.Sc. Botany


2 P.B.V.Ramana Murthy Lecturer M.Sc. Physics


3 T.V.V.Satyanarayana Rao Lecturer M.Sc. Chemistry


4 D.S.V.Suryanarayana Lecturer M.Sc.(CS), M.Sc.(M), M.Tech Computer Science


5 N.Ramesh Babu Lecturer MA Politics & PA


6 N.Rahel Babu Lecturer MA, M.Phil. English


7 M.Vijaya Kumar Lecturer MA English


8 R.Ramakrishnam Raju Lecturer MA, TPT Telugu


9 N.Narasimha Raju Lecturer MA, BL Telugu


10 K.V.H.Vijay Kumar Lecturer M.Sc. Mathematics


11 K.Subrahmanya Sarma Lecturer M.Sc. Physics


12 T.Srinivasa Rao Lecturer M.Sc. Physics  
13 Smt.B.K.R.M.Nischala Devi Lecturer M.Sc. Zoology


14 Smt.N.Ananda Mahani Lecturer M.A. Economics


15 P.Suryanarayana Raju Lecturer MA,APSET History


16 Y.S.Mallikharjuna Rao Lecture MA, M.Li.Sc. Library


17 R.Venkata Ratnam Lecturer MA Political Science


18 N.Prabhakara Rao Lecturer MA Political Science


19 R.Srinivas Lecturer M.Com Commerce


20 Dr.D.Srinivas Lecturer M.Com, Ph.D., APSET Commerce


21 P.Veera Swami Naidu Lecturer M.Com Commerce


22 P.D.K.Prasad Lecturer M.Com. Commerce


23 M.V.S.N.Murthy Lecturer MA Environmental Studies


24 A.S.N.D.Prasad Lecturer M.Sc.,M.Sc., B.Ed.,APSET Biotechnology


25 K.Pavan kumar Lecturer M.Sc. Electronics


26 Smt.G.Sandhya Rani Lecturer MCA Computer Science


27 Smt.R.Lakshmi Kantham Lecturer M.Sc. Mathematics  
28 Smt.Ch.Krupa Jyothi Lecturer M.Sc. Chemistry


29 Smt.T.Sindhura Lecturer MCA, M.Tech. Computer Science
30 K.N.Durga Prasad Lecturer M.Sc.,APSET Chemistry  
32 Kum.B.Prasanthi Lecturer M.Sc. Biochemistry


33 Kum.Ch.Sravanthi Lecturer M.Sc. Zoology


34 S Bala Tata Rao Lecturer MA History


35 G.Krishna Kalyan Lecturer M.Sc. Botany